Ondoy Fundraiser

1 12 2009

Our class bake sale proved to be a great success. After Irene announced that we made over 200 dollars, I was amazed. The participation of my classmates definitely paid off. Although I personally didn’t bake or make anything, it was cool watching the people I see once a week (if not less) work together, laugh, play music, and most importantly, raise money for a great cause. At one point, I went into the cafeteria to promote the bake sale. It was interesting explaining what spam musubi was. “Well spam is a type of meat.” “Like beef or pork?” “Sort of…It’s more like an all purpose meat.” “Ew that sounds gross.” “No! It’s really good I promise. Come back!” That’s how one of the conversations with a student went when I was trying to invite them to the plaza to buy something. I was really surprised by the Public Safety Officer’s generosity. It wasn’t surprising that most of us bought our own share of the food because it was delicious. The spaghetti was really good, and it was the first time I had ever tried turon. My best friend Pam’s family always makes it, but I’ve never tasted it. It was definitely a fun experience and great to see my classmates having fun together.

-Lauren Quach




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