Filipino Mural @ SF State

1 12 2009

When searching for the Filipino mural near Harrison street, I came across the establishment of another Filipino mural outside the campus bookstore at SF State. I’ve seen the mural before when visiting friends, but never thought much of it. After reading up on it, I’d thought I’d blog about it since it relates to Filipino culture.

It was finished and presented in April of 2003 with the singing of Bayan Ko “My Country” in Tagalog. The mural, entitled “We Stand on their Shoulders” required the participation of approximately 200 students, teachers, and community members. It depicts much of the significant events and people in Filipino history, from indigenous times to present times. At the presentation of the mural, food was served and people sang, rapped, danced, and recited poetry. The United Players Organization and the Pilipino Collegiate Alliance Endeavor were also present. Jamie Sigisi, the main coordinator of getting the mural together, stated that “we need the truth more than we need heroes.” I’ve attached a picture of the mural, if you never get a chance to see it. It’s pretty colorful and definitely worth a trip on the 28 Bus to check it out.

-Lauren Quach




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