A Successful Bake Sale

1 12 2009

Our class bake sale last Tuesday was a huge success. We made about $230 in just one hour. It defiantly seemed to be more effective than the Poleng fundraiser in terms of money made per hour and resources used. Both events were fun although only the bake sale brought together the entire class. Everyone took on different roles to make the event a hit. These roles ranged from leaders, organizers, food preparers, signage creators, servers, money handlers, sales men and ladies, outreachers, and even entertainers (guitarists and singers!). The balance of the different personalities in our class complemented each other well and span across a wide range to cover all aspects of planning and putting on the event.

There is no doubt that the hottest ticket items were the Spam Masubi and Thia Spaghetti. If we were to do this event again I would want us to put more energy towards making more of these items. I would definitely enjoy learning how to make both of these. I acknowledge that because of our planning timing we ended up picking a date on the short week before Thanksgiving but ideally if to do the event again we would be even more successful on a day during a normal week. Perhaps also in September or October when the weather is the best and there are tuns of students hanging out in Harney Plaza.

Overall this event was not only a success in raising money to help the Filipino victims of Typhoon Ondoy but it united our class. We all played a part in making a great event happen.




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