Ondoy Relief Fundraiser

30 11 2009

-Kiernan Rien 12-01-09
The Ondoy Relief Fundraiser turned out to be extremely fun and rewarding. At the start of the night there were not a whole lot of people, but towards the end things began to pick up. I sold quite a few raffle tickets, but wish I could have sold more. People seemed reluctant to buy, but as the night progressed sales became somewhat easier. The highlights of my night were the performers. The first act was a guitarist. She was an extremely talented musician and vocalist. A lot of here songs were originals and despite hearing them for the first time they were pretty amazing. The second act was Hula dancers. These ladies were very talented and tried to teach me some moves. Unfortunately, I had two left feet and one too many beverages. Overall, I thought the night was a success. We only made a little over $100, but it was cool to see people come together for a worthy cause. Hurricane Onody is a tragedy that I have come to learn is not so different from Katrina or any other natural disaster the United States has experienced. During horrific times like these hurricanes, people lose their homes and ways of life. Often times these people don’t have much to begin with and end up losing everything, even their families. I have come to understand the Philippines in a new way and with a new respect. Although these many islands are many miles away, the tragedies inflicted upon them by disasters like Onody should always be given our consideration and support.
-Kiernan Rien




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