In the News

30 11 2009

Anthony Santana
I don’t know much about the Philippines. Unfortunately, they are a nation that is not big or powerful enough to get the attention of the American news. I had no idea what to write this blog on, so I decided to Google “Philippine news” to see what would come up. The first thing that came to the screen was a headline about sexual mutilation and murder. According to these articles, there is a political rivalry between the Andal Ampatuan Jr and Esmael Mangudadatu. To make this rivalry even more severe, Amputan Jr is being held for ordering the killings of 57 Mangudadtu supporters. It’s also being reported that 22 of the victims were women that were sexually mutilated. This story is crazy for two reasons. The first, I don’t get why this isn’t breaking news throughout America. I feel like I’m an informed individual, but this was the first I’ve ever read about this tragedy. The second reason; this story made me aware of how volatile the political situation in the Philippines really is. I had no idea that Philippines were filled with such violent political parties. I always believed the Philippines to be a peaceful nation. This story has shown me otherwise.
I do hope that Amputuan Jr is prosecuted to the fullest extent of Filipino law. He seems like a man that is not only powerful, but feared. History has shown that power and fear can get people acquitted. This cannot happen; the people of the Philippines deserve more from their government. We talk a lot about the Filipino economy suffering from “brain drain”, and it’s because of situations like this. One of the primary principles what we expect from a government is to be protected. If the Filipino government cannot fulfill such a simple expectation, then of course they will lose their best and brightest. Nobody would want to stay in a country were murder is used to silence the voices of opposition.




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