KA Baked Goodies

29 11 2009

Last week Tuesday we held a bake sale in Harney plaza to raise funds for the victims of Ondoy. Everyone in the Knowledge Activism class was required to be there to provide help, as well as moral support. The bake sale was very successful and with the help of everyone our class made $227 for the victims that suffered the wrath of Ondoy. As a class we organized every detail of this bake sale, from who was bringing what bake good to the price of each item. Everything fell into place the day of the bake sale. There were musubis, cookies, Thai dessert, Filipino spaghetti, brownies, turon, and many other delicious treats. Till the very last minute of the bake sale, we were trying to get people to buy the treats, and surprisingly we got a few people to buy goodies. All in all, I felt that we all had a great time raising money for this cause. Each dollar we made will go a long way for those people who truly need it. Whether it be to pay for supplies that these individuals lack or simply as a fund to provide food for them, we know that the money we made will benefit these victims greatly. Although we are many many miles away from the Philippines, that did not stop people like us from reaching out to typhoon victims. As students we have shown that with organization and persistence, anything is possible. Good job KA class, we are beyond awesome!

-April T.




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