Filipino THANKSgiving

29 11 2009

This year I spent thanksgiving with some close family friends. I knew the Yasay family for a while, especially since I went to church with them growing up. They had a whole array of Filipino food. Two table lengths of food were displayed and there was no sight of turkey. Instead a huge slab of ham replaced the turkey. Like in my family, the turkey is not the center dish for Thanksgiving. We have a mixture of American food here and there, but like the Yasay family, they expressed their pride in their Filipino culture. I am sure that many other Filipino families did the same as us, but I’m jus emphasizing that even within our Filipino culture, we practice different things. Some may have the traditional American Thanksgiving dinner with the turkey as the main dish, but others may not have turkey as the highlight of their Thanksgiving feast. One of my friend who is Chinese also did not have turkey on Thanksgiving, and I’m sure that other people out there do not celebrate this holiday. This goes to show that many cultures share the same practices, showing our similarities that we have as ethnic groups. The food was amazing, not to mention the atmosphere. What was different was that I was surrounded by a family that I wasn’t even blood related, yet they still took me in like their own kid. Filipino kinship is notably very strong, this characteristic of welcoming guest even if they are not blood related is common in the Filipino culture. Filipinos love being the host in holiday gatherings and I have seen this during that Thanksgiving day. Not only did their hominess made me feel like I was back home in Hawaii, I had a great time singing and dancing along with all the other Filipinos there. Filipinos + Thanksgiving= great/awesome kinship!

-April T.




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