Update on CNN’s Top Ten Heroes

24 11 2009

I just wanted to post an update on the winner for the title of CNN’s Hero of the Year award. Voters from around the world were cast on CNN’s website the person who they thought made the most difference in their needy communities. The person who received the most votes wins the title and a $100,000 grant to help their organization.

Of the 2.75 million votes that were sent in on the website I am very proud to report that Efren Peñaflorida from the Philippines was the person who received the most votes and won the award and the very honored title. Filipinos and even non-Filipinos from around the world showed their support for one very extraordinary Filipino. Our efforts as a worldwide Filipino community can help to make a difference in the lives of our fellow Filipino people in the needy communities of the Philippines. Peñaflorida’s win shows how each Filipino, no matter where you live, can make a difference in the lives of other people not just in your community but around the world. If we all unite as a grand Filipino community and aim for a common goal we can achieve anything.

Click here to watch him accept his award:

Tune in to CNN on Thanksgiving night to watch the full version of the tribute to Efren Peñaflorida.

~Nicole Pagusara




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