Poleng Fundraising Event for Ondoy Relief and VH1 Save the Music

16 11 2009

          Last Thursday at Poleng Lounge we tried to come together for good times and to support two great causes. There was music bumping, drinks being devoured, talented singer and hula dancers, fantastic raffle prizes, but seemingly unmoved attendees. Although all the participants from our class were excited and trying to motivate attendees to buy raffle tickets, we were not nearly as successful as I had thought we would be. I don’t think the problem was on our end. It seems as though young adults are not motivated to make donations to any cause. Yes the economy has taken a down turn and yes college students typically are tight on money but I was disappointed in the lack of desire to spend money on raffle tickets that not only will go to great causes but also give the person a chance to win a prize of much higher value than their tickets. Even within our class I was surprised at how few people ended up at or helping with the event especially when the proceeds were going to a cause that I thought was close to their hearts as Ondoy destroyed the lives of the families, friends, and homeland of many of our classmates.

            Since critiques are not much use unless you use them to do better or move forward in the future here are a few things for future thought:

  • Connect money donations to something the attendees were already planning to spend money on (drinks, food)
  • Target attendees that are interesting, willing, and capable of donating
  • Make the prizes or “what I get out of donating” element very clear/visible
  • In general (everyday), promote an understanding of the “circle of giving” (if you are willing to give a little to help out others in need then they or someone else will be more likely to give a little to you if you are ever in need…ie create some good karma in this rough world)

           On a more positive note, the event was great fun! The planed elements (dj, live singer, raffle drawings, hula performance) ran smoothly. I really enjoyed hanging out in an even more relaxed and fun setting (our class is already very comfortable and fun) with our professor and the other classmates that attended. I am anxious to see tomorrow exactly how much money the event raised





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