Manny! Manny! Manny!

15 11 2009

I know probably almost everyone just watched Manny Pacquiao beat Miguel Cotto for his 7th title, putting Manny in boxing history as the first person ever to win titles in 7 different weight classes. The fight was crazy! I was scared watching Cotto get his punches in, but you can never count Manny out. Seeing Manny knock out Cotto twice made everyone in my house get up from their feet and start yelling. I give props to Cotto for lasting 12 round and not letting the 2 knockouts get the best of him. But the story of the night was Manny, and his dominance in the ring, his mix of speed and power was just too much for Cotto to handle.

Manny Pacquiao makes every Filipino proud. With each fight he represents his country. During the official weigh ins you can see Filipino flags waving and people wearing Team Pacquiao shirts. During the fight, the flags can still be  seen waiving and chants of Manny! Manny! Manny! being yelled to cheer on their hero. He is the pound for pound best boxer in the world, and some believe one of the best boxers in history; but he doesn’t let any of that get to his head, all he does is smile and says “I’m just doing my job.”


– Raymund Bueno




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