Philippine All-Stars

10 11 2009

While exploring the contents of Youtube, I came across a video of the Philippine All-Stars. Their skills at hip hop dancing provoked me to do a bit of research on this group. They started out in 2005 as twelve men and women that were friends and “wanted to collectively represent their country [the Philippines] in the World Hip-Hop Championships held in the US” ( Since their formation they have won first place at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships in both 2006 and 2008, Maximum Groovity II, and National Hip-Hop Open. They also placed sixth in the World. However, by watching any of their hip hop routines, it is easy to see why they have accumulated so many awards. They use innovative choreography to highlight their individual strengths in this field. I think that it is impressive that a group of people can work together to accomplish something so world-wide and prestigious and follow through with their goals like the Philippine All-Stars have done. Not only have they made a world renowned name for themselves, but they have done so doing an activity that they all enjoy and are skilled at. They inspire people every day to be proud of their culture and do what they love.


Marisah Garcia




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