CNN’s Top Ten Heroes

10 11 2009

CNN’s Top Ten Heroes is an annual competition where people from around the world are nominated for their significant efforts towards the improvement of the lives of others that are less fortunate in their community. Efren Penaflorida is a Filipino teacher who leads a Cavite-based volunteer group called the Dynamic Teen Company whose motto is “We are the change.” The organization travels around the Cavite area where there are children who live in poverty-stricken neighborhoods and are not able to go to school. Since the children are not able to go to school he created a sort of mobile classroom made up of a makeshift pushcart full of books and learning supplies that he brings to them. He dedicates his time as a part of the Dynamic Teen Company to teaching these underprivileged kids simple English, math and science. His devotion to this cause has earned him a spot in the top ten list out of the thousands of nominees who were part of the competition. A winner is chosen by amount of online votes that are received. The winner will be named “CNN Hero of the Year” and will be awarded $100,000 U.S. dollars.

Penaflorida shows his commitment to educate the underprivileged Filipino youth. The goal of our Knowledge Activism class is to become aware of the issues in the Filipino community of San Francisco and to give our time and effort to help better the community. Penaflorida shows a great example of selflessness and volunteerism that has had a big impact on the Filipino community of the Philippines.

Votes can still be cast at until November 18th.

~Nicole Pagusara




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