Philippine Culture

3 11 2009

-Kiernan Rien

Philippine Culture: It can be said that Philippine culture has been influenced by the country’s experiences with Eastern and Western occupation; American, as well as Spanish and some Asian countries, such as Malaysia and China. These influences along with the Philippines natural heritage have shaped the country’s music, food, art, religions, and literature. Although some of the early Spanish inspired architecture was destroyed in WWII, most of the names of provinces, towns, and streets are still in Spanish. The Unites States influence on the Philippines is mostly in language. English is commonly used in the Philippines and may contribute to the Philippines interest in Western pop-culture. With the lack of a language barrier American movies and music have been more accessible to Filipino’s. The Philippines is a nation of rich culture and natural beauty constituting more than 7,000 islands. And although it is a nation that has been influenced by other cultures, it offers a dynamic identity that is all its own. Tropical terrain, animals, fruit, active volcanoes, and coral reef make up its landscape, while the people give the Philippines a unique life and feel. The Philippines seems like it would be an amazing place to travel to and explore.

-Kiernan Rien




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