Just Simply Filipino

3 11 2009

This picture is of a male ancient hula also known as hula kahiko kane. (http://z.about.com/d/gohawaii/1/0/H/O/4/pcc_026.jpg)

               While we were discussing community services in class last week Tuesday, Irene brought up a great topic.  As I recall, she was telling the class that her close friend was analyzing the reason behind why more Filipinos are doing hula compared to the folk dances in the Filipino culture.  Irene speculated that one reason why many Filipinos are seen dancing hula is that it fits more of the tribal feel, rooting back to the time in which Filipinos were not colonized.  I never thought of it in that sense.  I am full Filipino and I dance hula just because I think it’s a very beautiful style of dancing, which takes a lot of coordination.  Hula also reminds me of home because I was born and raised in Hawaii and it’s a simple way to bring me home for a couple minutes.  But from what Irene said, I’m guessing there are many Filipinos out there that are doing hula as a mean of decolonizing themselves from Spanish influence.  I assume that dancing hula is a way for Filipinos to emerge themselves back to the tribal feel, the indigenous movement.  It is their way to reconnect to the history of the Filipino people even before colonizers came to the Philippines.  I am aware that there are several tribal dances present in the Philippines, but I do not know enough tribal dances to mask the amount of dances that the Spanish were able to influence into our culture.  Again, this conjures up the issue of establishing a true Filipino identity, one in which we could call our own.  Not Spanish influenced or even American influenced, just simply Filipino.            

-April T.








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