Filipino Talent in America

2 11 2009

Talent in America mostly contributes to the musical or acting aspects in society. It appears that Filipino Americans haven’t had much luck in becoming famous and emerging into the big break of celebrity status in America as much as other ethnicities have. Because of this, I wanted to post a blog about a young Filipina girl name Charice Pempengco.
Charice grew up in the Philippines and had a tough life with her mother and father. Her father was an abusive man, who eventually drove herself and her mother to leave before things got worse. At the young age of seven, Charice discovered her love for singing and entered singing contests. Later on, Charice and her voice was discovered on youtube by Oprah and became a worldwide sensation since then.
At her early pre-teen age, Charice gained the opportunity to fly to America and sing on the Oprah Show. She was then recognized by more celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Celine Dion and even Michael Jackson. Charice performed at New York’s Madison Square Garden, and was even going to join Michael Jackson on his “This Is It Tour” and collaborate in singing “Billy Jean.” Charice has now performed in concerts all over the world and has sang side by side with singing sensations such as Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli.
The Hit Man, David Foster, who has written songs with Josh Groban, Richard Marx, Brian McKnight, and Babyface, has been touring with his fellow musical friends. Charice has become a part of this break out tour. In fact, David Foster and friends, including Charice, will be coming to the Bay Area and performing at HP Pavillion in San Jose this coming Friday, November 6.
I find Charice’s story so amazing and the talent she has at her age is unbelievable. If you haven’t seen or heard her voice, I recommend you look her up on youtube and watch some of her videos. Her voice can definitely reach the potential as one of a kind.


-Racquel Aquino



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