Profound Effects of Identity

27 10 2009

I too thought the topic of our last class was very exciting and important to our everyday lives. I was most surprised that our discussions were enforced in my European Civilization class right after.

I was learning about the forces underlying the Protestant Reformation. A German Monk named Martin Luther is the one credited with the act that opened the Reformation; he called everyone’s attention to the church and openly challenged it’s ways. The most interesting part of this topic is that Luther came to do all this because of the personal difficulties he had previously faced. He was previously in a place of psychological and spiritual torment because he had an identity crisis. This caused him to question and reject authority. Luther’s personal identity quest became a collective quest of all the German people. It is due to the escalation of the identity crisis that the Reformation happened.

I found this lesson to enforce the topic discussed in our Knowledge Activism class. We explored various communities and the stereotypes and problems within them. In my history class, I learned about the profound effect that these identity problems can have on the personal level and eventually on communities and history. It is critical that we keep in mind the large effect that identity has on our lives.




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