Ondoy Donations

27 10 2009

-Kiernan Rien
Author Cecil Morella says that “more than 1.5 million people are struggling to live in flooded suburbs or crowded shelters one month after devastating…officials warn no quick fix is in sight. There are many relief efforts being made right now and I feel the urgency of these efforts is of highest importance. Some reports claim that the worst is yet to come. A United Nations official warned, “Storms worse than “Ondoy” and “Pepeng” will hit the Philippines in the coming years, but the country is one of the least prepared nations in Southeast Asia to cope with natural disasters”. A group of volunteer map makers have created a Google database that documents natural disasters and persons in need of help. The site urges that “if you know someone who needs help urgently or if you would like to report the status of the flood in your area, please complete this form (which is located on the website at http://www.google.com/landing/typhoon-ondoy.html). The information will be sent to the group’s main database for posting on the map.” Also, I have listed some organizations that offer support and accept donations. I will be personally sending my support and aid that I can to the victims of Ondoy.
-Kiernan Rien




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