Not so Golden

27 10 2009
Except for two (Michelle & Cynthia), all of the above Asian Journal  staffs are immigrant Filipinos. Although they are all upper middle-class and highly educated immigrants, they are victims of negative stereotyping by uninformed U.S.-born Flips.

Here is an example of some stereotypical views of Filipino immigrants.


              The United States isn’t as golden as it is perceived through the eyes of people who always dreamt of living in this “paradise of opportunities.” There are so many “bad things” that many of us (United States citizens) just don’t want to speak of. Lets give stereotypes a closer look. People know all kinds of nasty views of other ethnicities. They’re out there, some are said aloud and some are kept in because they’re that bad. I see stereotypes as a reason for people to judge each other. Not only does it cause many of the barriers formed between different ethnicities, stereotypes causes individuals to hate each other, even when we all share similar upbringings or common values. Until we get rid of these stereotypical views, there will never be a unity among ethnicities that many of us wish for.

               I am not here to put down the United States, I’m simply speaking the truth. I myself grew up being teased that “I eat black dog ” just because I’m Filipino. I have never ate dog before and I don’t plan to, so people can’t just assume that all Filipinos eat dog, more specifically black dogs. I’m not going to lie, Filipinos in the Philippines did eat dog and so did the Hawaiians in Hawaii, as well as many other ethnicities. How’d you think our ancestors lived in the past? They were not barbaric, it was their source of food. Today in the United States it is unethical to eat a dog because dogs are considered as man’s best friend, but in different countries it is quite normal to eat dog. Because we live in a society where majority go by the mentality that “their way is the right way,” we are forced to believe that everything that doesn’t go by status-quo is wrong. But, who is to say that they are completely right? Each country is different. They have different views and different lifestyles and we (United States citizens) have to learn to accept that other countries do not completely live the American lifestyle. Other countries may have similar views, but we are not all identical.

-April T.




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