Know Your Roots

25 10 2009

I was at the Great Mall in Milpitas the other day with a friend and we happen to come across a store called JJ clothing. We glanced at the display of t-shirts in the window and saw a bunch of nice designs that were representing Filipino pride. There were shits with Filipino flags, Manny Pacquiao, the infamous sun and three stars, and many other designs that symbolized the Filipino culture. They had a bunch of different shirts for guys, girls, little boys, little girls and babies. They not only had t-shirts but they also sold sweaters and advertised albums and dvds of Filipino artists. I ended up buying a shirt made by the brand “Know Your Roots” that said Filipina on it. I had never heard of the brand KYR until I saw it in the store and I looked it up online. I found a website for both JJ clothing ( and KYR ( These websites show the variety of different shirt and sweater designs that are available. According to the website KYR is a brand that is designed to “inform, educate and promote the great things in every culture.” From their products they “are passionate about bringing light to one’s history and heritage and tying it into a fashionable statement.”
~Nicole Pagusara



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