Philippines/USA Ties

21 10 2009

According to The Philippines written by Joaquin Gonzalez III, the closest allies that the Philippines have outside of Asian countries would be the United States and Canada. All three countries believed that their society should include democracy and freedom. As the United States joined forces with the Philippines during World War II and the Vietnam War, Canada had also funded and traded with the Philippines to help reduce the poverty in the Philippines. Together the three countries created an alliance that became a strong friendship between the countries. The three countries seem to benefit from each other greatly, or should we say that these two countries are benefiting greatly from Philippines alone.

Take the United States for example, we know historically that in the past the Philippines was looked upon as a “white man’s burden.” The United States displayed Filipinos as uncivilized barbarians that needed to be uplifted, civilized, and Christianized. What gives the United States the right to label the Philippines as being a barbaric place when they are people outside looking in. Americans were not aware that the Filipinos had their own written language, a governing system that worked quite well, and their own spiritual beliefs that kept them going strong. Americans wanted the Philippines for their natural resources because they knew they could make bank from all the goodies. I believe that before any colonization occurred, the Filipinos were perfectly fine. The Spanish and Americans came into the Philippines and stuck their nose in a place that didn’t need to become civilized because they were already running a great civilization. They didn’t need the technology from else where to figure out an irrigation system. Their ingenious minds created terraced paddy fields, supplying water and ample sunlight to the rice and other products grown in those areas. If these people were uncivilized, they wouldn’t have thought of creating these paddies, which is now famously known as the Banaue Rice Terraces. Filipinos are far from being uncivilized because they created many innovative inventions and traditions that sustained their civilization.
I am not saying that it isn’t a stellar idea that we have a strong alliance with other countries. The Philippines wouldn’t be as diverse as it is today without the colonizers. But what if Filipinos back then fought away all colonizers. Imagine, Filipinos would still be writing in alibata, Filipinos would proclaim all their “treasures” their own- being the main exporters for their goods, and Filipinos would have their own self-proclaimed identity. If only it was that easy. Filipinos should be proud, because although other people thought they were dumb-barbarians, Filipinos proved them wrong with clever inventions and a “way” advanced lifestyle.

-April T.



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