Filipino identity

21 10 2009

So I had KA class today, and decided to write this blog based one some random thoughts that happened in the time during class and now. Apparently we don’t have to write this in any particular neat way, so instead this will be written in a random manner.

Today I thought we had the most interesting and fun KA class so far. We wrote down different communities of people and underneath wrote stereotypes associated with these groups of people. The results were harsh, funny, and eye opening about all the unfair stereotypes that are associated with people. Of particular interest was the Filipino community. Some of the characteristics that came up: Complacent, passive, cliques, and many other things. This made me wonder about my identity, since I undoubtedly am part of this Filipino community. I found that, god damnit, many of these stereotypes were true. I do find that I sometimes hang out with the same people, get complacent with my life, or am too passive in certain situations. This is something that has bothered me for a long time, and is something I think many people in the Filipino community need to change. I think Filipinos get to set in their ways and don’t branch out from the norm or what they are used to or are expected to do. I think that we have formed an identity that has become old and tired. This exercise was fun, but it also showed that I, along with many other people in my community, need to step outside my boundaries and break some of these stereotypes. Rather than conforming to this “Filipino identity” I think we should take some time to rip it apart, and maybe make something new and unexpected.

That being said, I am still a Filipino living in Daly City studying to be dentist and driving a civic – which all seems very Filipino. But at least I can say I’m actively trying to be something else. It’s a small step, but a start nonetheless.




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