You don’t want to be poor…

20 10 2009

Anthony Santana
My first post focused on the typhoon that has caused massive devastation in the Philippines, and so this will this one…sorry! According to the article posted below, 70,000 people whose shantytowns were destroyed in the flood will not be allowed to rebuild by the Filipino government. Instead, the government is looking at this disaster as a way to remove many of their poorer than poor. The biggest issue I have with this article is the fact that there was 70, 000 people living in these shantytowns to begin with. Obviously, poverty is an issue the Filipino government needs to address. I am not from the Philippines, and was shocked to read about how much poverty was in the country. I had no idea there was such a discrepancy between the rich and the poor. Additionally, I’ve read that the poorer communities in the country are getting the least amount of aid compared to wealthier communities. When I read this one thing came to mind—hurricane Katrina. Our government did the same thing to the people of New Orleans, which mostly affected poorer citizens.
So what can be done? Honestly, nothing can change the Filipino government; it’s already polluted by money. Their government reminds me of Mexico’s, whoever has the most money, gets the most benefits from their politicians. Actually, let me take that back, it reminds me of ALL governments to some extent. I guess this shows us that if you’re poor, don’t live in a place that floods…,1




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