20 10 2009

The theme of my barangay is open minds and new learning. I have not had time to volunteer yet and I have heard about the fatal effects of the typhoon in the Philippines. However, my best friend is Filipino, so I thought I would try and reconnect with her over lunch. We went to Notre Dame de Namur together for volleyball, and even share a volleyball tattoo behind our left ear. Her name is Pamela Alano and she is probably the most in touch with her culture as compared to my other friends. She can understand Tagalog but not speak it, but whenever I go over for dinner or other special occasions, Pam makes me feel extra comfortable. One of the most interesting experiences she’s shared with me was simply eating out at a restaurant by her house – Sinugba. This was after her stepmom had run the marathon, and her entire family was joining us. She taught me all about the different kinds of “silogs,” which is pretty much eggs, rice, and a type of meat of your choice. I had spam silog, which was delicious and her family was so nice! I had a great time and told her that we need to come back.


-Lauren Quach (forgot to put my name!)



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