OSM: Operation Save Manila

20 10 2009

I have worked at Target in Daly City (both Serramonte and Colma) for the past three years as an intern, and needless to say, I have been exposed to a lot of Filipino culture. One of my friends from work is helping to promote an event called OSM: Operation Save Manila. It is a fundraising event that collects donations to help the victims of the typhoons in the Philippines. Quite a few groups are performing, including Erika David, who I personally watch a lot of on YouTube. Unfortunately I won’t be here to attend, but am trying my best to help promote the event with Abdol.

OneTimeSF.com, Faleo.org, Michelle-Martinez.com Present:
OSM: OPERATION SAVE MANILA http://www.operationsavemanila.com

Thursday, October 22 2009
Intramuros Restaurant – 6pm-10pm
101 Brentwood Dr. S. San Francisco, CA 94080

The Event:
One Time in collaboration with Filipino-American Law Enforcement Association (FALEO) & Michelle Martinez will be holding a fundraiser event for the victims of the typhoons in the Philippines. OSM: Operation Save Manila will be held at Intramuros Restaurant in South San Francisco on October 22nd, 2009 from 6pm-10pm. Please Support the cause and make this event successful.

Live Performances by:
– Michelle Martinez – http://www.Michelle-Martinez.com
– Erika David – http://www.erikadavid.com
– IFP: Infinity Funk Project – http://www.twitter.com/followIFP
– Wordplay – http://www.twitter.com/reppinwordplay
– Krystle Cruz – http://www.twitter.com/krystlecruz
– Legaci – http://www.twitter.com/legacimusic
– Summer Breeze – http://www.twitter.com/0summerbreeze0
– Jeff Bernat – http://www.twitter.com/jeffbernat
– Ver5e
– NeilSoul

Guest celebrities, athletes & artists will be in attendance so dont miss out!

Lets Do Our Part:
– $10 Minimum donation at the door.
– Canned goods & clothes will be accepted at the event.
– Make online donations via PAYPAL: OperationSaveManila@gmail.com
– Donations will be accepted at the event.

Special Raffle Prizes filled with items from Fili Islander Clothing, signed goodies from the performers & special limited prizes from our supporters!


-Lauren Quach (forgot to put my name!!!)




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