Filipinos in the Music Industry

20 10 2009

The very popular group NERD headlines this year’s Homecoming Concert; and while Pharrell Williams is the group’s most known member, Chad Hugo is as important to the group’s success. The duo of Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams, aka The Neptunes, has been one of the industry’s leading producers. They have created countless hit for a number of artist ranging from Britney Spears to Jay-Z. But Chad Hugo is not the only successful Filipino artist in mainstream music., a member of the Black Eyed Peas, is also a very famous Filipino-American artist. He even wrote a song in tagalog, “Bebot” and “The Apl Song.”
Another Filipino artist within the music industry that is gaining a lot of attention and praise is the Journey lead singer Arnel Pineda. His vocals are reminiscent of the original lead singer of Journey. His vocal skills have even caught the attention of Oprah. Oprah on her show that aired just recently had Arnel Pineda as one of her guest.
There are many more artists out there that have not yet gained mainstream popularity within the music industry but are as talented. Guitarist/ Singer Passion and Gabe Bondoc are two very popular Filipino-American artist that are very popular on Youtube for their covers of songs and performances of their own songs. Taylor Swift even gave praise to Gabe Bondoc for his cover of one of her songs. She gave him a shout out via her twitter. Below is the cover that caught Taylor Swift’s attention.
-Raymund Bueno




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