Filipinos in Society

20 10 2009

For my second post, I wanted to talk about Filipino Culture in the Bay Area. Because the Filipino population is so big and still thriving in this part of America, I am so happy to see the special events and communities that deal with the Filipino Culture. Like how we mentioned in class, Filipinos today are not known as well as other Asian ethnicities in the Bay. With Chinatown, Japan Town, and North Beach existing, I am surprised that there isn’t a “Filipino Town” in San Francisco.
As far as Filipino-affiliated events go, I am sure most of us have heard of Kababayan Festivals that have occurred in Great America or Six Flags. Then there have been Fiesta Filipinas that happen every summer in the Civic Center. I have attended a number of these events, and have actually performed with my dance team in some of them. I love engaging with my Filipino culture and people and be surrounded by all the excitement that comes with it.
Another thing about Filipinos in the Bay Area is the musically talented people who have been discovered by people all over the world just through youtube. I am sure many of us have heard of Jeremy a.k.a. PASSION and Lori and Leejay Abucayan, as well as Gabe Bondoc. I have become such a huge fan not just because they are Filipino, but they truly are really great artists that I hope will become bigger and bigger one day. A singing duo who call themselves RIN ON THE ROX, who I believe are from Antioch, was discovered by Ellen DeGenerous on youtube, and even appeared on her show. If you’ve heard of them, I don’t know about you, but I was so excited for them. Filipinos are slowly emerging into a society where people of Filipino blood can embrace their culture together, as well as emerge from just ordinary people.
-Racquel Aquino




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