Filipino Time

20 10 2009

If you’re Filipino you know that when you invite family over to your house for a party you have to tell them to show up at 6 o’clock even though you intend to start the party at 8 o’clock. It’s common for Filipinos to show up on “Filipino time” and you have to compensate for it if you want people to show on time. We’ve all used that excuse before when we show up late or do things last minute, and I guess that’s my excuse for writing this blog the day that it is due ;D . I’ve always wondered why Filipinos tend to run on Filipino time. It seems to be part of the Filipino culture and people joke about it all the time. According to Rex Navarrette Filipinos are just following Philippine time which is about thirteen hours ahead of US time. We don’t always run late with everything we do. Filipinos are hard workers and know how to get to work and school on time. I think the idea of Filipino time is just a phenomenon that started off as a joke that kind of grew into our culture. Eventually everyone will get to the party or, like this bolg, it will get done when it gets done.
~Nicole Pagusara




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