Dining at Toppings

20 10 2009

Last week, my bestfriend, Joana and I went to Toppings at Gellert Boulevard in Daly City to eat some Filipino Food. We were definitely craving for some home-cooked, sizzling and satisfying Filipino food. Upon arriving there, we waited for a table since it was around 7:00 P.M. and the restaurant was packed. Upon getting seated, I noticed the food ordered by the folks right next to us. Among the dishes they ordered were sizzling bangus (milkfish) with java rice, Sinigang na baboy (pork in tamarind broth) and pansit (Filipino version of the chow mein). What really got my attention was the Halo-Halo with ube ice cream, a famous Filipino dessert ordered by two of the ladies sitting at the table across from us. I was hungry, excited and anxious to eat!
When the waitress came to us, Joana and I looked, rather glanced at the menu, already knowing what we want to order. Just a little background about the restaurant, my mom and I have been going to the place since about three years ago. The place is very convenient for me since I live about five minutes away, and not only do they serve really good Filipino food, it is also vey affordable and satisfying to your stomach. When the waitress asked if we were ready, we nodded in a synchronized manner and ordered right away. I ordered the usual Grilled Tocino (sweet cured pork) with Overeasy egg and java rice. I was in pure excitement. Joana, on the other hand, ordered Grilled pork chop with java rice and gravy. She was definitely excited as well. After about 15 minutes, our orders arrived, and it was perfect. The tocino was perfectly grilled, and the egg was just right. What I love about Toppings is that their food is always freshly cooked, unlike other restaurants that just heat it up. After about 20 minutes of being there, we were satisfied. We were initially thinking of getting the Halo-Halo, but to our surprise, we were too full to even take another bite.
Overall our dining experience at Toppings was definitely an A plus!!! They never fail to serve the fresh, tasty Filipino food. I definitely recommend going to this restaurant and try out their sizzling and amazing dishes.

By Justine Encarnacion




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