Can you feel?

20 10 2009

Anthony Santana

Is it me, or has the typhoon in the Philippines not gotten the media attention it disserves? I mean, over 300,000 people have been displaced, hundreds have died, and now a lack of food is a major concern for the survivors. Instead the media chooses to focus on “balloon boy”! This country is very funny when it comes to news; we have balloon boy, octomom, Jon and Kate plus eight’s steamy affairs all being broadcasted on our local and national news outlets. I’m not going to lie; I know everything about the balloon boy hoax, and only now learning about the Philippine typhoon because of this assignment. Is this lack of knowledge my fault, or the news stations? The blame probably goes both ways. I need to filter out the bullshit/entertaining stories from the ones that actual concern the world community.
So why don’t most American’s care about the Philippine disaster? Could race be a possibility? I have a feeling if these floods were going on in Sweden or some other white European country, the media would be all over it, however it’s not, and most American’s view the Philippines as a primitive nation that is only in this mess due to a lack of infrastructure. People have a tendency to give more empathy to those who resemble themselves. For whatever reason, maybe evolutionary, all people share this trait. American’s need to keep this in mind when viewing travesties from around the world. When we see something horrible in the news and don’t care, that is the time to reassess our thinking. Once you go over the disaster in your head empathy will hopefully appear. As Americans, we need more empathy; we just need to practice on finding it.




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