An Intro

20 10 2009

Since this is my first post, I’m not exactly sure what to put. The Professor said that this first post can be about anything, and so I guess I’ll just write about myself a little bit and what my first thoughts about this class were going to be about. I am Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino. Pretty asian, right? But since I’m taking other classes that are related to Asian studies (I’m not sure why I chose these) I find myself more interested in my ancestry than ever before. I have to admit that I identify myself more to be Japanese and Filipino than Chinese. Something that bothers me is when people guess my ethnicity, the first thing they ask is if I’m Chinese. When you think of Asians, often the first thing that comes to mind is a light-skinned Chinese with black hair and small eyes.
Anyways, when I first chose to be in Knowledge Activism, I thought to myself, “What exactly is this class going to be about?” I had never expected to learn about Filipino history (most of which I already knew from another Asian studies class I’m taking called Asian and Pacific Islanders in US Society). We learn about the waves and the immigration. It’s really all very interesting. I really enjoy this class because the class itself is pretty fun and I feel like I can be myself more in this class.

-Gen Iseri (Kristine)




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