Tropical Storm “Ondoy”

19 10 2009

On September 26, 2009, tropical storm “Ondoy” hit Manila. According to sources “Ondoy” brought a month’s worth of rainfall. The typhoon destroyed homes and businesses with upwards of $100 million in damages. The storm also destroyed nearby regions resulting in mass flooding and the loss of life. Only eight days after “Onody” hit land, tropical storm “Pepeng” swept shores causing more damage and the displacement of thousands of people.
The reality of such a horrible event became clearer to me when I actually saw pictures of the devastation. These pictures showed me how close we all actually are, no matter where we live. Tropical storm “Ondoy”, to me, seemed no different than hurricane “Katrina”. I saw pictures of people gathered on roof tops, animals floating atop wooden boards from broken homes, the displacement of families and their old ways of life, streets six feet taller now from the muddy waters. But, most amazing of all, I also saw people helping each other. Similar to hurricane “Katrina” families, friends, and strangers were there to help. I think this is an awesome thing to see, because it shows the power people possess when they work together. Although the damages of these two hurricanes will take a long time to recover from, the resolve is there. I’m glad I looked into this topic, because it made me realize we all aren’t that different after all.
-Kiernan Rien

-Kiernan Rien




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