19 10 2009

I wanted to check out and see what visiting the Philippines would be like during the right season and so far I have come across very positive results. I checked out Manila in the Philippines Travel Guide Site. The travel site said the nightlife is vibrant, the festivals are fun, the food is amazing, the natural wonders are awesome, and the Filipino people are fun-loving and welcoming to guests.
The festival that I thought would be the coolest to check out was the “San Fernando Giant Lantern Festival” in San Fernando, Pampanga in the month of December. Essentially, local craftsmen judge to see who makes the biggest most beautiful Christmas lantern. Sound kind of cool to me!
-Kiernan Rien
Fast Facts about Philippines
• World’s biggest producer of
Coconuts, third-largest producer of bananas
US$430 billion
• Highest point
Mt. Apo, at 2954m
• Number of islands
7000, the world’s second- largest archipelago
• Unemployment rate
Over 11%
• Population
87.8 million
• English literacy rate
93%, the highest in Asia
• Life expectancy
Men 67 years, women 73 years
• Asia’s first
University (University of Santo Tomas, 1611); democratic nation (1896); commercial airline (Philippine Airlines, 1941)
These facts were taken from:
Philippine Travel Seasons:
• June to August is the typhoon season. Although the temperature is moderate and hotel rates are lower, it is not the best time to travel specially if you intend to see the countryside or cross the islands by sea.
• From March to May is summer time and is a good time to see the islands with clear skies and calm waters. You are also assured that no flights or ferry boat trips will be cancelled due to typhoons. Although expect the temperatures to occasionally reach 38 degrees centigrade.
• The best time to see the country is from November to February when the weather is cooler. It is also a good time to see the longest Christmas season in the world. Were Filipinos start to decorate for Christmas as early as October.
Travel Seasons information provided by:
-Kiernan Rien




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