Any Donation Counts

14 10 2009

          Recently throughout the world, there have been several devastations due to natural disasters including places such as Samoa and Japan.  As many of us heard by now, a tropical storm called Typhoon Ondoy hit a part of the Philippines that created a severe damage in the center of Manila, the country’s capital.  Since September 26, the day metro Manila was struck with an enormous amount of rainfall, several relief projects from around America, including here in the Bay Area, have taken action to help the dire need of Filipino families affected by the typhoon.

          UNICEF, a National Charity for Kids, immediately donated $143,000 worth of supplies to the needs of children and their families in the Philippines.  According to their home page, they supplied food and shelter items to the Department of Social Welfare within 24 hours after the typhoon struck.  This included portable toilets, hygiene products, and essential medicine.

          Willie Revillame, a very well-known actor and television host of the Philippines, also contributed his part to the country’s devastation.  However, in my opinion, his share was nowhere close to what UNICEF provided.  Revillame, the main host of the Philippines’ most popular daytime variety show Wowowee, donated 1 million Philippine Pesos.  This amount converts to roughly $21,500 American Dollars.  He is known to be the highest paid Philippine host to receive millions, which is mostly spent on luxury possessions such as yachts and jet skis.  Although this may not be a big deal, I thought this was interesting to learn how many were criticizing him.  Regardless of the donation anyone contributes, any amount of help given is much appreciated and needed.

          My Bay Area Hip Hop Dance Group, F.U.S.I.O.N., is putting together Balikbayan Boxes filled with canned good, packs of food, blankets and jackets all donated from the team.  These boxes we plan to send to family members we know in the Philippines that were affected by the disaster.  This is such a traumatic experience people are going through, that I cannot even imagine how tough it is on them.

-Racquel Aquino




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